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Two-wheeled freedom

Two-wheeled freedom

By on Mar 9, 2016 in Motorcycle |

It is really hard to explain the feeling you get on the open road while riding a motorcycle. Some people call it passion, other adventure but all agree that it represents the true face of freedom. Liberty Organization is a blog that will try to convey that feeling to everyone along with other articles about passion for motorcycles and cars.
If I said that people who never sat on a motorcycle will never get the freedom I try to explain, would be offensive to some, but there is no other explanation. A feeling of freedom comes from the path you took to get there, and the air you sail through, the feeling of total freedom and the fact that the road is open and you can go wherever you want at that point. As I said, it is hard to explain.

There is some strange love that exists between a driver and his motorcycle, much like the love between a driver and his car. For others, the motorcycle may be just a form of transportation, but biker connects to his ride on a whole new level. That is passion, passion for the machine and passion for the ride. It is interconnected. Whenever you think about the biker, you think about biker groups, but driving alone is why every biker owns a bike. That bike reflects the need to spend some time alone and to enjoy life without other people being there. Driving alone, no matter the time of day, just riding, is something I would recommend to everyone. During the ride you will not think about things that cloud your mind at other times, you will just enjoy and have fun. You don’t have to drive fast for that, the ride is important; the time spent riding is what matters.

The motorcycle has been a symbol of freedom for over 50 years, and I believe that it will stay like that for at least another 50 years. But motorcycle alone is not what freedom really is; motorcycle and open road are two things that represent freedom and nothing can replace those two things. In later years, many say that the Internet is a true symbol of freedom, but it is the opposite. The Internet binds you to chair, to people, to work to all of the things you want to escape from. You can watch the movie over the Internet, but you will be interrupted by the phone, or a bell or hundred other things. That isn’t the case on the road.

Two-wheeled freedom

57650a4a2bf05184ee51ed59eb817e29Once you sit on a bike everything else disappears. Time has no effect on you, whether you are needed by someone isn’t on your mind; open road and the ride is everything that exists at that moment. There is nothing you can do on the internet that will come close to the feeling you get once you start your ride.

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