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Health benefits of riding a motorcycle

Health benefits of riding a motorcycle

By on Mar 9, 2016 in Motorcycle |

There are plenty of misconceptions about motorcycle riding, claiming that motorcyclists are irresponsible of other drivers and that riding a motorcycle is dangerous. However, none of this is necessarily true. Just like all the other participants in traffic, there are motorcyclists who are responsible of themselves and the others and those who are not. Those motorcyclists who think of themselves and the others and ride a motorcycle out of love and passion have plenty of benefits from this activity, and it positively influences both their physical and mental health.

On the physical aspect, the first thing to mention is that riding a motorcycle burns calories. Even though it is an activity that involves sitting, riding a motorcycle will make you burn more calories than driving a car, even if you only “cruise” along the road. The constant resistance during the ride, together with the activities such as shifting, braking, maintaining balance and so on make your body active and make you burn calories.

People who ride motorcycle races burn around 600 calories per hour, but regular riding still causes burning calories and makes you burn half that much. All this also has an impact on insulin sensitivity, which has a positive influence on weight loss and weight maintenance, but also has an important role in type 2 diabetes prevention.


Riding a motorcycle also has positive impact on various muscles in a body. It makes thigh muscles stronger, as well as muscles holding the knees. This does not only make your legs look good, but it has a much more significant influence – it protects your knees from injuries and keeps the knee bones in place. The studies have shown that motorcyclists are less likely to have knee problems, and riding a motorcycle can even help with knee pain. Neck and back muscles are also strengthened on a motorcycle, but you need to make sure to wear a helmet and properly align handle bars, seat and foot pegs with your body. Riding a motorcycle also improves the strength of core muscles (back and abdomen), and not to mention that it is way more fun than going to the gym.

A couple rides their motorcycle on a curvy road toward the viewer.On the mental aspect, riding a motorcycle is again very beneficial. Liberty Organization blog tells a lot about the benefits of riding a motorcycle, and we will also mention a few. Riding a motorcycle increases the production of endorphin, which is the hormone responsible for feeling happy and in a good mood. Many people think of the motorcycling as a form of “therapy” and they feel good while riding and also after a ride. Since many motorcyclists join groups and organize events and travel together, motorcycling is also known as a great way of socializing, meeting new people and exchanging experience with those who share your interests. Motorcycling is suitable for all sorts of people, those who enjoy social events and meeting new people, but also those who enjoy spending time on their own. To both kinds, time spent on the motorcycle can bring happy moments and improved mood.

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